consults companies to grow the business


invent, design, develop and deliver competitive advantage.


effective, impact, consistent.

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magspin innovation ...
  • always focuses on growth opportunities
  • masters technology and focuses on business benefits
  • applies and transfers the proven and effective magspin methodologies
  • acts pragmatic, always looking for high impact and strategic consistency


effective and sustainable innovation relies on four distinct activities – we support you to innovate better.

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our offering.

  • formulate observations on your innovation approach and potential improvements
  • consult you to develop and implement your innovation strategy
  • support you to innovate better: strategy, structure, information and communication, tool base, steering, execution excellence

our methods.

  • innovation is not a linear activity.
  • innovation is company specific.


data networks and data analytics are our expertise – we create your digital innovation; we identify and develop new ideas to deliver benefits to you and your customers.

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our offering.

  • conduct trend workshops with your business management to sharpen the scope and focus of creation areas
  • for defined creation areas: screening, scouting and idea pipeline management
  • run ideation sessions with representative and creative stakeholders to find new ideas
  • develop new ideas into applications, demonstrate benefits, assess risks, proof the concept - supply needed competencies and guidance for optimal use of resources
  • customer project: > smart metering consumer engagement

our methods.

  • we master data networking technologies and data analytics.
  • your benefit and your customer’s benefit are our drivers.
  • creativity is our passion – we know how to identify and develop new ideas.


strategic adaptations prompt change – we consult you to identify the new direction and implement change.

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our offering.

  • improve positioning in terms of scope, capabilities and sustainability – consult on corresponding change management projects
  • balance short term and long term investment to deliver financial returns – business plans and implementation roadmaps
  • develop innovation strategies in line with business needs – develop corresponding roadmaps to supervise the strategy implementation
  • customer project: > new product platform

our methods.

  • profound analysis of current strategy.
  • reasons for limitations of current strategy, and thus change for the better.
  • strategy scenarios to offer a choice and develop buy-in of all stakeholders.


magspin innovation consults companies to grow the business.


Markus Gübeli, owner/manager
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